ACB 2017 Program

There will be 2 AFOB-EFB Joint Sessions and 11 parallel sessions at the congress. The program is designed to be condesed into 2 full days but there are many breaking time in between where you can catch up with your friends and meet new friends from the participants over the world. Also it is a good chance to meet our famous plenary lectures, keynote and invited speakers easily at ACB 2017. 

Please note that the detail of the plenary lectures, keynote and invited speakers will be in the "speaker window". It will be interesting to know what are their topic of presentations at ACB 2017. 


As now we have more invited speakers



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 Day 1 : 23rd July 2017     
14.00-17.00  Conference Registration                                                                     
17.00-19.00  Dinner at Kosa Hotel (only international participants)

**Plenary speaker 40 min., Keynote speaker 30 min., Invited speaker 20 min., Oral presentation 15 min.

 Day 2 : 24th July 2017
07.30-08.45 Conference Registration
08.45-09.00 Opening Session (Ball room l & ll)
09.00-09.40 Plenary Lecture I: Professor Dr. Sang Yup Lee, KAIST, Korea 
09.40-10.20 Plenary Lecture II: Dr. Chaya Chandavasu, PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited,Thailand
10.00   Coffee Break will be served
10.20-11.00 Plenary Lecture III: Professor Dr. Guoping Zhao, Chinese Academy of  Sciences, China
11.00-11.40 Plenary Lecture IV: Professor Dr. Roland Wohlgemuth, European Federation of Biotechnology
11.40-12.00 Photo session
12.00-13.00 Lunch
13.00-14.00 Poster Session (Ball room III)
(90 min)

Parallel sessions (6 rooms)
  Ball Room I   Ball Room II Meeting Room I Meeting Room II Meeting Room III  Meeting Room IV

AFOB-EFB joint session I on “Enzyme/biocatalysis”

Chairman: Prof. Nagamune

Keynote speaker:
   Prof. Jung Bae Kim
Invited speakers:
Prof. Patrick Shahgaldian

Prof. Francisc Peter

Prof. Dr. Pimchai Chaiyen

Bioenergy & biorefinery (BEB)“Sustainable Biorefinery for Secondary Products”

Chairman : Prof. Wen-Teng Wu

Invited speakers
  Prof. Shu-Yii Wu
  Prof. Suraini Abd Aziz 

Young Scientist (YS)

Chairman: Prof. Quanfeng Liang

Keynote speaker:
Prof. Min Kyu Oh
Invited speaker:
Prof. Benjamas Chiersilpd



Bioprocess & Bioseparation (BBE)

Chairman: Prof. Feng Wu Bai

Invited speakers:

Prof. Yoon Mo Koo

Prof. Virendra Swarup Bisaria

Nanobiotechnology, biosensor & biochips (NBB)

Chairman: Xian-En Zhao

Invited speaker
Prof. Zongqiang Cui
Prof. Feng Li

Biopharmaceutical and Medical Biotechnology (BPMB)

Chairman: Prof. Watanalai Panbankred

Invited speaker:
Prof. Prasit Palittaponkarnpim
Prof. Guanghui Ma
Prof. Masahiro Goto
15.30-16.00  Coffee Break 

16.00-18.00 (120 min)

AFOB-EFB joint session I on “Enzyme/biocatalysis”

Chairman: Prof. Francisc Peter

Keynote speaker:

Prof. Magali Remaud-Simeon

Invited speakers:

Prof. Dietmar Haltrich


Bioenergy & biorefinery 

“Sustainable Biorefinery for Secondary Products”

Chaiman: Prof.Jo-Chi Chang

Invited speakers:

Prof. Akihiro Kondo

Prof. Yen-Han Lin

Prof. Choul-Gyun Lee

Agricultural and Food Biotechnology (AFB)

Chairman: Prof. Vichai Leelavatcharamas

Invited speakers:

Prof. Sirirat Rengpipat

Prof. Chartchai Kanongnuch

Prof. Montarop Yamabhai


Bioprocess & Bioseparation (BBE)

Chairman: Prof. Sarote Sirisansaneeyakul

Invited speakers:

Prof. Ho Nam Chang

Prof. Joseph auresenia

Prof. Cheng-Kang Lee

Nanobiotechnology, biosensor & biochips (NBB)

Chairman: Prof. Feng Li

Keynote: Prof. Chunhai Fan

Invited speakers:

Prof. Dong Men

Prof. Jiaoyu Deng

Prof. Xiangwei Zhao


Biopharmaceutical and Medical Biotechnology (BPMB)

Chairman: Prof. Masahiro Goto

Invited speaker:

Prof. Chi Tai Yeh
Prof. Watanalai Panbangred
18.00-20.30  Welcome Reception and Dinner (Thai performance)

 **Plenary speaker 40 min., Keynote speaker 30 min., Invited speaker 20 min., Oral presentation 15 min.

 Day 3 : 25th July 2017
09.00-10.30        Ball Room I  Ball Room Il
 Keynote speakers (3 persons)
   -  Prof. Ivo Frebort, EFB
   -  Prof. Feng-Wu Bai,China
   -  Prof. Kalidas Shetty, USA
 Keynote speakers (3 persons)
     - Prof. Jeong-Woo Choi, Korea 
     - Prof. Wen-Yih Chen, Taiwan
     - Prof. Teruyuki Nagamune,Japan
10.30-11.00   Coffee Break & Networking

Room Fah mmui 1-2 

AFOB executive board meeting

11.00-12.00 Poster Display (Ball Room III)
12.00-13.00 Lunch & Poster display coffee break and lunch will be served
(120 min) 
 Parallel sessions (6 rooms)
Ball Room I Ball Room II   Meeting Room I   Meeting Room II  Meeting Room III  Meeting Room IV

 System and Synthetic Biotechnology (SSB)

Chairman: Prof. Cheunchit Booncherd

Invited speaker:
Prof. Ki Jun Jeong

Bioprocess &
Bioseparation (BBE)

Chaiman: Prof. Virendra Swarup Bisaria

Invited speakers

Prof. Duk Jae Oh

Prof. He Huang

Prof. Kyuya Nakagawa

AFOB-EFB joint session II on "Plant Biotechnology"

Chairman: Dr.Duong Hoa Xo

Invited speakers:

Prof. Karel Dolezal

Prof. Huynh Huu Duc

 Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials (TEB)

Chairman: Prof. I-Ming Chu

Co-Chairman: Prof.Prakit Sukyai

Invited speakers:

Prof. Yu Chen Hu

Prof. Chao Ling Yao

Prof. I-Ming Chu

Applied Microbiology (AM)

Chairman: Prof.Wen Chien Lee

Invited speakers:

Prof. Zongbao (Kent) Zhao

 Environmental Biotechnology (EB)

Chairman: Prof. Alissara Reungsang

Invited speakers:

Prof. Dr. Habil Philippe F.-X-Corvini

Prof. Pawinee Chaiprasert

Prof. Mohd Ali Hassan

15.00-15.30  Coffee Break
(120 min)

 Ball Room I  Ball Room II Meeting Room I   Meeting Room II  Meeting Room III Meeting Room IV
 System and Synthetic Biotechnology (SSB)

Invited speaker
Prof. Liu Tianggang

Bioprocess &
Bioseparation (BBE)

Chairman: Prof. Joseph Auresenia

Invited speakers:

Prof. Zhanglin Lin

Prof. Madihah Md. Salleh

 AFOB-EFB joint session II
on “Plant Biotechnology”
Chairman: Prof.Dr. Huynh Huu Duc
Invited speakers:

Prof. Ondrej Novak

Prof. Bui Chi Buu

Young Scientist (YS)

Chairman: Prof. Benjamas Chiersilpd

Invited speaker:

Prof. Quanfeng Liang

Prof. Noriho Kammiya

 Applied Microbiology (AM)

Chairman: Prof. Dae Hyuk Kweon

Invited speakers

Prof. Li-Yu Sung

Bioindustry promotion & bioeducation(BPB)

Chairman: Prof. Satayahari Dey

Co-Chair: Dr. Goutam Ghosh

Invited speakers:

Prof.Dr. Satyahari Dey

Dr. Goutam Ghosh

Prof. Klanarong Sriroth

Mr. James Wang

16.30-17.00  Closing Remarks and Award presented
18.00-20.00  Farewell Dinner at Beer Garden (only international participants)
 Day 4 :  26th July 2017

06.00-21.00  05.00-16.00

  Route 1: Visit Vientiane, Laos (Please check your visa before applying)                                       Route 2: Visit Phanom Rung Historical Park (Prasat Hin Phanom Rung) at Buriram province             

 Day 5 : 27th July 2017
06.00-08.00  Giving food to the monks at Buddhist temples                                                
10.00-11.30  Visit Wat Nong Wang (the biggest temple in Khon Kaen)
12.00-13.30 Lunch
 Travel to Khon Kaen Airport (20 minutes)
13.30-14.30  Drive tour to Khon Kaen University and come back to the hotel